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You observe people so well. It's quite a gift..


i second rash. but u know, the problem i think never lies with these people (blind or the deaf). its us normal people who dont know how to deal with them after some point in time. we get bored or uneasy very fast....


Interesting. You think you'll see them together again considering it's an Indian restaurant?


rash, he has a habit of just staring at you to the point where you want to avoid all eye contact. stealth would need practice.

but yes, he is very persistent in trying to form an observation from everything he notices. that's very cool.


Alpha: Now that you're saying...am trying to remember 'the habit' though I met Parmanu in a very noisy cafe with a very noisy baby. :D


Rash: I'm just curious, that is all

Bips: There seems to be some experience/incident behind that conclusion of yours?

Kahini: Don't know. Perhaps.

Alpha: "Staring at you" is not the right way to put it - why not say: "Looking deep into a woman's eyes" ?!

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