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Brilliant. Dunno why you don't write beyond the blog. You should.


that was great storytelling! specially how u built the story around those photographs. :-)

btw...am a techie's nightmare, so i dont know what u mean by RSS feed etc. u have to tell me what it is and then how to enable it. u can write to me at the mentioned id. :-)


I totally agree with Kahini though I must say you are beginning to sound more and more like Orhan Pamuk. I keep fearing that any moment now I'm going to stop understanding. Hehe.

Sachin Jain

good story and it keeps its momentum till the end.....


Kahini,Bips and Sachin: Thank you.

Rash: That was the best feedback I've received - yes, it does get a bit too theoretical in places. I need to work on that aspect.


Wonderful piece. Beautiful captures.


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