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don't tell me you were dancing for them? :)


Probably you.


ahhhaa....look at the interest in the eyes....waiting to see what they saw.


It's GOT to be a Bollywood shoot. Himesh Reshamiya's Aap Ka Suroor and its jazzed up auto rickshaws?

some body

don't know about the rest, but the eyes of the cigar-dude are a dead giveaway!

the girl is taking a picture - using kahini's hint, i vote for a shirtless sallu.

- s.b.


Hey Parmanu,

Hope you stick to this layout... I like it the best..
Pls dont go back to the oh-so-boring-every-other-blog layout that you switched over to for a brief while :)


Interesting responses so far, but the right answer still seems elusive.

Let us wait a while longer, to see what else comes forward....


NOT a Bollywood shoot?

Jeez, and here I thought we had achieved cultural hegemony.

Tell all.


circus, somebody getting married, somebody proposing, car chase, indian spitting and getting hauled by the police, a giant mongoose...what???


Juggler? Trapeze artist who suddenly materialized on the street? I'm taking no chances :)


What an imaginative audience! The first prize goes to bips - "a giant mongoose" ?! Where did that come from, I wonder.

They are looking at a statue. Only, it wasn't a statue, but a man cloaked like a statue. He managed to scare quite a few unaware pedestrians through sudden gestures, out of nowhere.


ahhhh!! but where's the pic? and thanks for the 1st prize...haha...arre recently they have found a hogzilla, so i thot....:-)

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