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true. diff notebooks for diff moods. i have 4 and 1 which i take while traveling. sometimes i think i'm schrizophenic.


I spent the weekend 25 kms away from civilization listening to birds and reading 'Kafka on the shore'. I am here today morning, a minute before my first meeting reading blogs and connecting to people. I love this balance; I love my life :-)


Thank heavens you share.


beautiful. and I loved that: a book seven years in writing deserves seven weeks of reading


Would be pleased to discuss the book when you're done.

Perspective Inc

Thats lovely!


Hope this journal goes on for long.


Keya, I hope so too.

Kahini, yes I'll let you know when I'm done with the book.

Rathish: "..listening to birds and reading 'Kafka on the shore'.." What bliss!


I don't like the part when you say you like having the entire week to yourself. It's right on your wife's part to get upset.

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