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At 3.25 am, am too zausted to say anything that makes sense, but am pleased to be the first one to read this post.

some body

"A few days later I visit an optical shop."

visions of hurricanes and spectacular twisters materialize (ref: an older blog post here). i lol, silently, and rotfl, on my feet of course!

- s.b.

some body

"He gives me his number to call in case there are any further issues. I thank him, and before he leaves I ask if I can offer him something. To my surprise, he refuses. At the gate I ask again, and he says if I want to give something I should give it to his assistant. I offer my tip to the assistant, who pockets it without even giving it a glance."

ok, this i do not understand. first, you offer a bribe. next, when it is refused, you offer again. why? so you can move a few spots up the ladder (from the equivalent of #18) the next time?

- s.b.


SB: It was intended as a tip, which I simply felt I should offer - can't define precisely why. (Perhaps I did have the subconcious intention that the tip would help in future cases).

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