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*Shakes head*

We are a selfish bunch, aren't we?


Oh totally. We are a selfish bunch. I was almost pushed off the escalator at Delhi airportcoz I took a bit of time adjusting sleeping baby and diaper bag.


I agree that we Indians (a laaaarge fraction of us at least) can be as obnoxious as you say. But I wouldn't say that all "Europeans" to be saints. Mostly Germans in my experience are pretty decent bunch - even if they are annoyed they try their best to be civil. But other Europeans ... I am not sure. I have had some irritating experiences with Europeans as well.
Of course, statistically we are a screwed bunch !


you said it ... "the India experience" definitely starts right from the boarding of the plane ... from then on you can feel right at 'home' ! :-)


tsk tsk, i think for me The Indian Experience started in Europe itself..Germany infact...the exact time Padosan was forced upon unsuspecting people.


Uh, Parmanu... After reading Rash and then reading Alpha, I have a confession to make. I haven't seen Padosan.


kahini, say goodbye to your blissful days of thinking padosan might have been a good movie.

..and of days where you thought Parmanu was not capable of harm.


Alpha, you think if I bribed Parmanu with a big, fat, FREE copy of Sacred Games he'd let me off the Padosan hook?


My intention here was to describe how I felt at that time (right now, viewing the episodes from this distance, I find myself amused by the events, which was not how I felt when I experienced them).

I try to avoid analysis (that is left to the reader), but if I were to look for reasons behind such behaviour, here is how I would see it: The first episode exhibits what we can call "scarcity mentality" - we are always trying to "be the first" because of a general feeling that there isn't enough for everyone. The second episode is related to our notion of personal space: as a community we feel closely knit and this makes us do things to others which seem strange in other cultures, like requesting for someone's seat, or asking for a book someone is holding (A German would usually not do that). The third…well, that was just how she was as an individual - we can find such (hilarious) characters everywhere.

@Srix: I loved the line "Statistically, we are a screwed bunch!" Well, statistics is what leads us to stereotyping people, isn't it ?

@Alpha: So Padosan set the theme - a promise of fun, followed by bitter dissappointment, and surrounded by sadistic laughter - for that India trip ?! No wonder you didn't write anything about it.

@Kahini: How did you guess I was looking for a copy of Sacred Games ?!


Well Parmanu, you've just read Maximum City. Sacred Games appears to be part of an I Love Bombay trilogy - the other is Shantaram.

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