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This is a great read.


Thank you, Keya and Kahini.


I enjoyed this post, for more reasons than one.



"ease had a lot to do with our common cultural background"

Ah, but when you and I finally meet, and have a long, digressive conversation lasting hours, to what shall that be due?

This encounter was a pleasure to read. Thank you.


./w : I'm both astonished - that you still visit, after all these years - and glad - that you continue to blog, to write poetry.

I'm curious - what were the reasons you enjoyed the post?

Teju: Somehow, I expected this question (while writing it, I considered the effect of that sentence upon a reader not from Indian origin). Our coversation? Well, that will again be due to the cultures we share: the culture of art and literature, the culture of depth, the culture of reading with a writer's eye, the culture of black&white images, and, of course, the culture of blogging. Wouldn't you tend to agree ?


Yes, I would. It's a lovely list.

And I'd add the culture of coming to the West as an outsider. Of having to look at things and experience them with an unjaded eye.

I find that many of my friends are people who have one foot elsewhere.


Brilliant post Parmanu. You're so right about the common cultural background.


totally agree with Rash here. what a good read!


Thank you, Rash and Joyee :-)

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