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Hey Kahini,

Where are you ? Had been reading your blog for a long time but then it simply vanished ! Miss your blog. Would you share your URL in case you are blogging again ?

Parmanu, sorry for spamming your blog. I enjoy reading yours too :))


Writing down your experiences-however ordinary they are-is so rewarding ,when you read them at a later stage in your life.I have forgotten most of my daily life of the past decades.


now that was really vivid! :)


Keya: Kahini has not started blogging again (as far as I know). So you'll have to remain content with her smileys in comment boxes. So, keep visiting :-)

Cheebu: I think of this as a clear sign of growing old - as teenagers we never thought of "preserving" memories as we lived them ( we just lived, moment by moment). Now-a-days, nostalgia begins to creep in even before the moment is over.

Rash: I'm glad you found it vivid. It will help me recreate the scene for myself, later.

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