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Nice to have you back.

Dynamics at work are fascinating, I agree. But it takes a lot to stand outside of it and see the way things work. Most times, without realising you get sucked into the power games and petty struggles. Right now, I enjoy work because I haven't gotten into the game, not yet at least.


Yes, "standing outside of it" takes effort. And here writing can help, by making you think and by bringing in distance. Another good reason to keep a blog :-)


hey parmanu, this post is so completely unlike your usual ones that it has prompted my first reply to a blog of urs. fyi, i am reading ur blog for the last 2 years.


vazzup: Yes, and I'm sure the post will be an exception, not the beginning of a trend. So do keep visiting.


As usual i'll pick a point that u may least expect to be commented by... Do u know this guy called Edward Tuft and his so called book against powerpoint ? check this link http://www.greg-brooks.com/000005.html
I havent read the book, but when i compare how i can hold people better when i hand present something than when i powerpoint something i feel the same too. but then PP is a good way to document something for posterity sakes ! hmmmm...


My comment corrected - the essay is here http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/11.09/ppt2.html
About work - it'd have interesting to get atleast a broad idea of your current position / profile ! :)

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