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Teju Cole

A dear friend of mine was born in Berlin about three days after Russians enter the city. Details of the kind you mention have emerged in my conversations with her. Her mother, for example, wandering around war wrecked Germany on foot, for many months, begging. The burden of that weird and deprived childhood is something my friend carries with her till today, beneath her sophisticated mien.

The power of the human story is in such details, whether or not the life illuminated in words is a dramatic one or not.

Thanks for the lovely review of Seth's book. I'll look out for it.


It's strange Mr.Cole, but I was thinking of you last weekend, wondering where you were now writing and in which avatar. This comment is worth more than you can imagine; I shall not try to disguise my joy in seeing you back again.

The point about details is valid for this medium as well, isn't it? It is what makes blogs of otherwise ordinary individuals extraordinary. There is much to be learned from the lives of others, and this medium offers one path to do so.

I hope you keep writing, and continue to let us find you each time.

Teju Cole

Mr Parmanu, you are very kind.

You're an ideal reader, whose writing also happens to be a pure delight to read.

As for my own writing, I try to be sensitive to whatever it is the my path (so to speak) wishes me to do next. For the most part, I want to pour my energy into living, not writing, but there are times when I must do the exact opposite.

Anyhow, it's good to be here, now, doing this.

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