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LOL!!! :)umm, doesn't she have plans to rope you into it as well?! :p
or will you plain shoot me for putting ideas into her head?!


Nah Shub, Parmanu is skinny. He don't need weightwatchers.

I do, however. Sigh.

Parmanu, please to ask Colours how many points a Domino's Veg Extravaganza has. Then I'll know for CERTAIN I shouldn't order one.


Whew! Reminds me of my Tiffin Box days, when a hundred thoughts would cross my mind before popping a peanut in my mouth.

Priceless ending! Nice to see more of your funny side.


Do I dare mention a book, that is tried and tested. Maybe not. This point system must be driving her nuts already.


I can never for the love of God follow one of those Weight Programs...just too much food temptation in this world. I bet I am a direct descendant of Ms.Eve (or the fish that became Eve coz evolution is real)


Shub, if she did rope me in, I'd disappear very soon.

Kahini, you can certainly order one, as long as you always give it to your neighbour.

Lee: Alas, you compliment me for a piece of borrowed humour. (BTW, Wife & Sis say they'd rather see less of my funny side).

Ph: Driving her nuts? What about me? Can't you see what it's doing to me?

Patrix: "coz evolution is real" - these days in the US one needs to repeat that from time to time, isn't it? Hope Texas doesn't follow Kansas on the topic of evolution.


I see, but I don't sympathize :P


heckle... good one parmanu...

>>Wife and Sister: the success of one (in >>reducing Points consumption) inspires the >>other to scale new heights.
interestingly, should not that be 'to descend to new lows' ? ;)

And good that u pointed me to wife's blog & i see that i seemed to have missed quite a 'loong' bit ! will catch up !

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