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It's not just IIPM who has set a bad example. In my mind, IBM has done that too by not encouraging Gaurav to stay on.


If IIPM sent legal notice to Gaurav, i wonder why the 'students' had to give threat to IBM. Should IIPM not have given a contract-severance-no-further-business kind of notice to IBM ? [ what about effect of placements at IBM ? ]
How much of the 'students' involvement is directed or otherwise by IIPM ?

Incidentally parmanu, are your employers traceable through your Blog ?


Rash: IBM took the easy way out, which wasn't surprising. But it would have set a very good example if it had encouraged Gaurav to stay on.

Loosemuse: I don't know if my employers are traceable, but I wouldn't worry too much 'coz they don't produce anything that can be burned!!

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