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hahaha!! :-)


You play the mouth organ? What fun!


Wife sure knows to look out for the important details, doesn't she? :)BTW I hear they all are the same.


Patrix: You hear right (And now I can expect to be blacklisted by Ash...)

Kahini: Fun, yes, for those who listen and can giggle at the sounds that emerge. After a while fun turns into torture. Ask Wife.

Shub: That was precisely how Wife reacted to the last line (I sighed with relief).


BTW the term "Wife" reminds me of BusyBee Behram Contractor. I assume you must have read his columns.


I liked the movie till I read this post. I still like it, anyway:) Now I am gonna watch it again and compare my arms too!


haha! whatta wife!


Believe it is better than the husband watching A in Bride and Prejudice and going, "Haven't her arms gotten fatter?" Heh.


No Patrix, I haven't read his columns. A search for "BusyBee Behram Contractor + Wife" did not yield anything significant :-(

Anumita, good that you didn't let yourself be affected by the artsy observations on the movie - one shouldn't let academic viewpoints ruin simple pleasures in life. (Let me know how the arm-comparison turned out!)

Indeed Rash, indeed.

Certainly better, Ph. But in that movie, it was her mind that was the problem, not her arms.


Here are some of Behram Contractor's works:

BusyBee Forever (check the "About" section for the Wife reference).
Eating Out in Mumbai.

Try to order his books if you have someone in India who can send them to you. Best piece of writing in a newspaper column I have ever read. By the form and quality of his column, he could easily have been the first offline bloggers.


Interesting links, Patrix - thanks! There's a lot of material on those sites that will keep me busy (!) before I go for the books.

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