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pinky indeed..i am sure it's notthe cheeks but the bra!
interesting, the way you go from books, to semi clad neighbors to books again!


ah - parmanu - u finally knew how to bring me out of my self imposed-silent-repartee for one of yours: the perfectly warm write up ! :)
I wonder though whether the warmth that u keep referring to is entirely due to the weather ! :)
Incidentally alphie - there was a recent quote i came across in a movie which seems to suit the post and your observation
'... i finally come to realise that the only things that never lose their appeal are the pleasures of the flesh and the pleasure of literature...'
BTW i have also seen the movie and it is a really engrossing one - as good a merchant ivory product as one could get, the performances and the movie for me capture the ideal english setting... engrossing to say the least...


I didn't think anyone would finish reading such a long post with meandering thoughts.

Alpha, I'd named her Pinky last winter, when she was always covered with a few layers of clothing. Do you (or Pi) miss Nudie? You're too busy with you exam preparations to think of such things, I guess. But I remember you were sufficiently enamoured by the idea to take it forward with a short story that began with Nudie coming over to your apartment (I must fish out that story and read it again).

Loosemuse, great to see you back (along with Alpha, on a "sizzling" topic, as usual). That quote of yours was probably the most apt quote ever placed in a comment box!


thanks for reminding me. will post the story soon.


well...the joys of living in germany ;-p


Whoa! What amazes me (apart from your uninhibited neighbours) is your knowledge of colours... burgundy!! You aren't turning metrosexual by any chance, are you?

*tongue firmly in cheek*


Rash: Indeed. We have a lot of time here for literature.

Lee: Until I watched "Lost in Translation", I'd thought Burgundy was a city in Africa. (By the way, my knowledge of Colours is a sensitive subject at home - I'll leave it to Colours to comment on that).

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