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that was good. comon, i'm sure you can.


Mmmm, one of my favourite books. You got both parts?

Now read Maus.

It isn't easy doing a graphic novel... I know cos a friend of mine is working on one and it takes weeks to finish just one chapter. It isn't just words and drawings, but also devices and visualisation is full time work.


Yo alphie da ! what he has put is not his werke. It is a lift off from the Amazon site [http://www.amazon.com/gp/reader/0375422307/ref=sib_dp_pop_fc/002-2646073-3228042?%5Fencoding=UTF8&p=S001#reader-page]. This is clearly the way of Parmanu - which colors will vouch for - to put a picture and then write in detail of an effort and cleverly leading people to make the connection betwwen the 2 themselves, so he can absolve himself of not having written anything to the effect ! :))
[ Ha - i am in the wrong profession - am'nt i ? ;) ]


Even a blind bat (note the double stress) would've seen that what I put up was a copy of a printed version and not a pencil sketch. But alpha's faith in my abilities can only be matched by loosemuse's belief in his theory. To set right the record, I've decided to show something original to the world.

Kahini, I hope to get the second part soon, and then Maus. Yes, graphic novels are labour intensive - when is your friend's book coming out?


wait wait...first let me finish laughing at Parmanu's sketch..( laughing period )
Man! You ought to contact Ramsay if he ever decides to come out with a comic strip or maybe Loosemuse shud contact him, if he really looks like that (for a nice meaty role). With that kind of teeth, Loosie, you'd give alligators a complex. Next time walk around with your eyeballs in your sockets... it can scar young kids like Parmanu.

You better stick to typing and clicking pictures.

Quoting him "When this thought recurred after reading Persepolis, I made an attempt to draw the first image in the book (shown above). The sketch showed clearly that my talent lay elsewhere, but with some effort I believe one can "fine-tune" ones skills enough to draw something acceptable for a journal."

I actually fell for it! *sigh* Though I didn't credit him with too much originality, at least I thought he traced it, used black print ink and stuff ( I know lot of effort, but with Parmanu you never know). Without going thru any of that effort, here's one.


darn! the hyperlink doesn't work- alfa.blogdrive.com


parmanu - i know age has not diminished your memory or blurred your eye for detail, but are you really sure you have not got our two pictures mixed up ? ;P
[ hehehhe ! :) u have got that one right though - alphie in a black hep brother image of the 70s ! :p ]
BTW - alph - have u thought of making a 'parmanupolis' ? I will be a technical consultant and add to the detail ! :P ]


yeah man, what's with my hair looking like Rajesh khanna's and what's with Loosmuse not having any clothes on? I am getting slightly concerned.

parmanupolis? naah... I'm sure there's a horde of female fans who've already sent their first draft to the editors. I settle with making a story on you Loosie.


Interesting exchange (as usual, I should say, with Alpha around).

You've reminded me of the Illustration Course I attended a couple of years ago. You've also reminded me that I'm terribly rusty now...


I got both Palestine and Persepolis on the same day last September, and read them one after the other. Intense stuff. Here's the link to the brief blog post I wrote afterwards:


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