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"The Elements of Style", I have a copy too.:) I loved the cancellation of the Fortune magazine part. funny you r. Now that you are colorless, I would expect to hear more from you . Don't get me wrong, I meant in this blog.


I second Alpha. Do you intend spending your "colorless" life entertaining us with your writing and pictures? Few solitary walks can yield some excellent pictures complemented with a verse or two.


I'd love to get you wrong Alpha, if only you'd allow me to.

Patrix: If I did that, I'll get into trouble with Colours. But let us see...


Hey at least they cancelled it! I cancelled my subscription to the Indiatimes bookclub three months ago, they were SO sorry to see me go that they STILL send me the updates I didn't sign up for in the first place which was why I cancelled.

I have the 5th edition of Elements of Style. Since I haven't read the others, I dunno what the changes are.


Aah, dumping one because there was another. Tsk. Tsk.


Anita, your comment indicates that my attempt at humour (partly mine, partly borrowed) was a miserable failure. The 5th edition I refer to is a fictitious one mentioned in that article I quoted from! (I didn't know a fifth edition of Strunk & White's clasic was available - even Amazon has only the fourth edition. Where did you get this fifth edition from?)

Ph, hope you aren't refering to Colours?!

some body

apropos strunk and white ... http://vatul.net/blog/index.php/862/#comments

one of those comments is by "none other than myself", i.e., me.

- s.b.

p.s. apologies for a comment more than a year after the fact.

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