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Stuck behind a computer in the Middle East, she marvelled at the couple's observations and photographs on a Saturday evening.


Leela, a clarification is due: it didn't happen as portrayed here. We went for a walk; things around us somehow seemed different; we took pictures; and then I got this idea about a couple who rarely travel (HE doesn't like to) and hence SHE pretends to be a tourist in their own town whenever she goes out. I casually mentioned the idea to my wife during the walk, and when I got back home I explored it a bit through this post.

A rule of thumb: When I write in first person, it is all factual; when I use the third person, there may be a bit of "masala" in there :-)


Lovely post and thanks for making me see I can see again.


Beautiful post.


Tommie Arndt? He looks like Minnie Me of Austin Powers. You guys do live in an ecclectic place.


We love the 'masala'


LOVE the idea. Even if its not exactly the way it happened. :)

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