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Gosh, you sound really stressed. Maybe the walk in the woods would have helped, however grey the day.


The woods sound divine...


Yeah I hear you on the lack of leisure. I am finally off the hook from the killing project. taking saturday AND SUNDAY off..wow! Even had time to chat with Colours.


You sound most un-Parmanu. Take a break. Now.


double take..You have put aside seducing women????? So what about women you have left half-seduced?


Why are only women commenting here? there used to be Patrix, but someone scared him off. Btw, don't you think it's high time you wrote something for us swooning women.


Now that you mention it even loosemuse seems to have disappeared - are women keeping them away? I mean the women in their lives.


One of my greatest regrets during my stay in walldorf last year was spotting the pond only on the last weekend - better late than never though!


Rash & Anita: You two think alike. No wonder.

Lee: The woods are divine. So when are you coming?

Alpha: Those I've left half-seduced will have to wait: Work comes before Women, always.

Rathish: Firstly, thanks for doing your bit towards restoring the gender balance. About the pond - I didn't know you were a nature-lover, else I would've mentioned the woods and the pond while you were here. You'll get more opportunities, I'm sure.

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