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could appreciate the gates with that gates blog. great photography and captions.


...After the novelty wears off would not the passerbys feel attacked by the flagrant color ? hmmmm.....
Atleast i got a nice topical wall paper... :))


oh and BTW - love the snow rite up ! : )
"sugary" substance ? mmmm..... : )


Thanks for the link! And thanks, Alpha, for the nice comments.

The life of that blog of mine ends tomorrow. What a grand little adventure it was.


Vanilla ice cream...yes...how apt!

lovely picture.


As usual, lots to think about. Where can I get Pilgrin at Tinker Creek?


Wonderful insights, as always, Parmanu. I loved the Gates blog, but saw it in a rush and wanted to go back. What a pity Elck's taken it off!

"The Gates will soon disappear and pass into history..."


Leela, he (Elck) planned it like that: his blog was to last only as long as The Gates did. It lasted a short time indeed: even Google has only one of those pages in its cache.

Anita, the book (Pilgrim at Tinker Creek) was published in 1974 (it won a Pulitzer that year) but I haven't seen it stocked in Indian bookstores. You can get it from Amazon (or perhaps a library in the city?)

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