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This was one of the movies that was remniscent of my architecture student days. The fact that I saw it in my penultimate year made it doubly sweet. Trust me, all the antics and politics in archi.college was well captured...lemme know if you have a copy of that movie. Would kill to have it.


I've come across this screenplay a couple of times. Haven't read it yet. Now that you vouch for it...


Picked it up last year and was THRILLED. I watched it that night too, on Doordarshan, and never forgot it. But they've lost the reels, can you imagine?


Picked it up last year, Anita? Let's attack her copy!

Parmanu, you might like to write to mailhekate(at)gmail(dot)com.


I never caught in on DD. Watched it when BCL screened it last year. People sat in the aisle and watched, it was so crowded.


Saw it that night on DD and thoroughly enjoyed it too.Will be on the lookout for the sript now. thanks.


My mail must have sounded rude. It was not meant to. I am an ijit!


Patrix, I'd kill have this movie too. For now, I can only be content with little scraps of memory and this script.

Rash, what's BCL? And any idea if a VCD/DVD of the movie is available anywhere?


am i the only moron who missed that movie..Patrix, please send me a copy too when you have finished killing and acquiring.

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