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"The scene made me wonder if these days such things happen in India too."

The sitting on the lap or the biting? :)

Naw, I don't think you'd see too much PDA (Public Display of Affection... just in case) on the local transport here. But you might see lots of interesting *fashion*. Colours, be prepared for a goggle-eyed Parmanu :D


Leela, I think Loosemuse can vouch that I am used to it ;)

Anyway there is no danger of anyone reciprocating Parmanu's overtures :D - what do you say Alpha ?


Continue, please.


A few young boys and girls - a study-group, probably - were discussing softly in a corner.

Study-group in a mall? now that is a first. Too bad you aren't in and around Atlanta.


overtures?? They are non-existent. Even if he were to goggle-eye (verb?), he would first ask permission from the concerned party and then apologize twice.
I prefer the razor. Its easier to handle.


Parmanu !
First reactions as u were proceeding till the train were - this could be out of a sci fi book.. ghost town .. no people... run down place... - and the writing simple, straight, no frills - helped the same...
As u entered the train & then the mall & the wait for sale - groups of people, such detached observation - immly brought up visions as if you were Meursalt observing life on a sunday as in The Outsider...

BTW Colors - Loosemuse can also vouch that you more than pay it back in kind ! ;P [ hehheh ! ]

And Alphie - you prefer the razor ??? [ yikes ! any preference for an electrical one - like chainsaw or something ? ; ) ] or u meant the guy using a Razor ! ;P [ incidentally i use a razor too ! smooth - eh ? ;P ]


Lee: A better expression would be 'Cannon-Eyed Parmanu'. No point warning Colours (she is used to it); warn those "fashion"able ones.

Colours: To reciprocate my overtures, one needs to see them. Believe me, I'm almost invisible. (No wonder alpha thinks they are non-existent).

Anita: Later, surely.

Patrix: If I were in a Communist country, I could have said they were hatching a revolution. In a post-election US, with sheets on their laps, they could only be discussing something academic . How different is it in Atlanta?!

Alpha: You didn't look like you needed to use a razor?

Loosemuse: You are a reader with fantastic imagination!


Loosie: You better stop getting perplexed at everything I do, from designing roads to using razors. err..Parmanu, we didn't get that close remember.


come to banglore n u'll know!!! yup as leela said well, the dressing sense is sometime whooaaaa!!!! trust men, i hate to walk down brigade road with my parents cos i know they'll cring, then i'll cringe!!! so i've stopped!!!

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