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Interesting conversations with the taxi drivers. You seem to have something to chat about with most of them :) Looking forward to the rest of the diary.




when is the next update plse? waiting :-)


Alleppey in Malayalam is Aalappuzha, puzha means river and Aal can stand for peepal tree/foundry. I doubt whether it was derived from the English name.
Collecting tickets looks like an interesting hobby:-)


Foreigners landing in India had a strange way of giving "English" names to our places.

Alappuzha became Allepey
Thriuvananthapuram became Trivandrum
Chennai became Madras
Kozhikode became Calicut

Now everything has been rechanged - wonder when the next revamp will happen.


Loved it...waiting for the next part. BTW I flicked ur planes photo for future use :) gives a nice lonely feeling.


very nice Updatum ! : )
BTW 40 movies with remote - too much ! Almost sounds too good to be true ! Maybe should check if they give same service in other routes ? ;)
BTW wheres the rejoinder to Colors+Aar's objection ? ;)

And Colors - i dont think any more changes will happen! Not from outside anyway as no country will - directly ie ! But our own politicians & parties in power ? hmmm...
BTW how come no appreciation for Parmnau's machinations for imagination ? ;P


Patrix: Feel free to flick anything. Distribution only increases the value of such things :-)

Loosemuse: Aaar could be right, for all you know. As far as Colours is concerned, you know very well the consequences (in private) of disagreeing (in public) with her.

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