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My winter is here sign: My grey hooded jacket. I'm wearing it. Freezing to DEATH!


time for all those white pictures :) am waiting to see more from you this year.


My winter is here too: I sneezed 17 times this morning.


Yeah, right. What's the temperature in Bombay, Lee?


Sub-zero. The demperature id by dose. *sniff*


For Parmanu winter arrives before it does for others. If you notice the picture it is still autumn here - the leaves are still falling and most of them are still on the tree. I think he claims it is winter just to convince me that the heaters should be already turned on...


Colours: I'm with Parmanu. When the temp drops below 25 degrees, it's time for the heaters. *Shivers in sweater and muffler*


Colours, the temperature is in SINGLE digits. How do you surive without the heatr?

typing mistakes to continue till the fingers werm up


Aaar: Color's secret is simple - she lives with a warm person.

Anita: You with me? Howz that possible when I'm with Colors? *confused*

Lee: I knew you did everything with passion...but sneezing too?


I suppose that sweet talk should take care of cleaning vessels for one whole year:-)


well winter's coming to the dalli quite fast this year i think. and the met dept is staying silent, which is a good sign.

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