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RK Narayan's thoughts completely echo my own! Especially the bit about making a resolve to do it more often. Lovely pics, esp the orange sky.


The first two pics are really good. Hope to see an update to this entry this sunday:-)


Lovely. Lovely pictures, lovely writing. Thank you Parmanu.


Parmanu - you just wait till you become used to this ! You'd soon be craving & making posts about noon day sun & the afternoon stillness - etc ! We oldies have seen it all buddy - you sleep a lot 'an ache for the mornings, keep waking up early 'an ache for the sleep, 'an now me back's aching (oww..) ! ;P
[ but a dam gud post though ! :P]


Sunrise and sunset - in every part of the world - creates wonderful scenes and beautiful posts - Like urs !


love the photographs...even the golden boards!


Guess I too have been missing the obvious while trying to discern stupid complex issues...should get out with my camera more often too...and nothing like dawn to get your spirits up. Nice pics, as always...my fave the tree against the orange sky.



Have been reading some of your posts. Lovely pictures, and love the way you write. :)


Srini and Suha: Thank you, and welcome!

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