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Am still an Instructional Designer. And have waited long enough for you to update.


nice to have a regular techie who doesn't talk software :) and I wouldn't call myself "expert"..just have an opinion on everything :) But blogs have certainly brought the motley crew together..we all are similarly different.


Grin. Reminds me of when I told you blogging for me is a substitute for a life I no longer have. It works.


The joys of blogging...


...and you went to Central School? So did I

the harlequin

*grin* The conversation? Sounds exactly like the one I have with my wife - every night!


Rash: Maybe we should speak in Hindi from now on - I have experienced that Central school people have a shaky foundation in Hindi. As soon as they start speaking to me they adopt my Hindi.


True! Blogging introduced me to so many interesting people. Earlier, it was mainly the advertising crowd, and the usual topics...


Yup. It's nice to read something other than 'metrics, customer satisfaction, 'real'(?) software work, milestones, rupee exchange rates...'


Avashya, colors, avashya. hum hindi mein hi vartalap karenge


Yikes! Rash, you remind me of those mythological serials...


hey, very similar childhood, even i have wondered about the time management schedule we run on. Its as if we are forever busy. I cant remember my dad or mom complain about lack of time. Nor did we...


Rash, speaking Hindi with Colors is risky. Her influence is such that I now frequently mix-up genders, and some other friends - also products of central school - have fallen prey in a similar fashion. So watch out - your heavenly sentences might soon be pulled down to Earth!


Are these confusing genders same in Hindi and German? What is Bier in Hindi - streeling, neuter or pulling;-)


Could it be pushing ? I see that Aaar has also caught the habit of spelling 'Beer' as 'Bier' :)


yikes ! Alphie designs roads ? [ Is it like one in Magenta here , one with Polka dots, one that is a spiral etc etc? ;P ]
I mean 'design' 'roads' ? [ can italicize - first design, then road, then both ! :P ]
Reallly ? Really really REALLY ??? ;P
[ BTW whomsoever may be interested - am fresh out again after the 'death threat' i got for my last "German" comment from Bangalore nearly finished me off! ;P ]


loosie, calm down! If you can be clear and state why you were flabbergasted by my profession, I shall be happy to explain.

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