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More on the trip please!


Holy cow!

(Inner animal rights activist, however, disapproves. Did you find out if this is breathable paint? And how tortured the cows were when this was done to them?)


And they have cows on top of bus stops as well:-)


Anita, those aren't real cows :) Parmanu, Atlanta too had a whole series of such paintings called the Cow Parade...some of them were really wacky. I'll try to look up some snaps I took

Hi Parmanu,

After promising to read your weblog for a long time, I spent some time today doing so. And tremendously enjoyed it.

I will be back - and regularly, from now on.

That last post was mine. Forgot to leave my name. :-)


That last post was mine. Forgot to leave my name. :-)

Hek, will do that soooon.

Anita, ever thought that way about a Hilsa?

Aaar, in Spain they have bulls!

Patrix, Cow Parade? In Berlin we have the Love Parade.

Venita, nice to see you comment, with name or not!


Love parade was banned this year :-(


I seem to remember that too.. cows everywhere. And tinkling cowbells.


Crass commericalization & market pressures...
to what levels people stoop...
Am udderly disappointed....(chew)(chew) mmmmmm......


Very amoo-sing :-)

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