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wow! I really want to go to this place. And did you learn german after going there? Thats one language which sounds really hard. Almost rude.
nicely written.


I had thought that german sounded like spitting words... before coming here.

Nice photos...


Spitting words, ha ha. I had a friend who was learning the language, and when he tried his German on us, he did end up spitting, and not just words...

Hmm.. back to the post, your pics were superb. Especially the bottle and the bird diving into the water.


pictures were breathtaking


I only know bad words in German. Though I have to say, all German words do sound like deadly insults.


Lovely pictures, Parmanu. Loved the bottle in the lake and the water on the rock. The blue of the lake is surreal. Looks like thick silk.


In college the German teacher would ask everyone to OPEN ZHEIR MOUTHZ AND ZSPEAK and the French one prefered if you ate up your words...what confusion.
Love the pix, esp bottle in water.


nice pics as always...BTW "Wife and I drove.." reminds me of Busybee, remember?


parmanu !
How come u manage to keep the boids quiet enuf till u snap em away - each & every time !! ;P


patrix, parmanu believes on using proper Queen's English. no dad, buddy, honey, kid etc etc..


People, all your comments triggered thoughts that led the next post - thanks a lot!

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