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One of the nicest pieces I've ever read on learning a new language. Lovely post Parmanu.


I've just written an IELTS exam on learning new languages, so I am NOT talking about this. What I am talking about is a Passage to India, which is good, but very skewed.


Nice post... Makes me feel guilty of not knowing much after more than an year.

Don't even mention about the babelfish site. We wrote a letter to our landlord with the help of a translation that started

Lieber xxx,

After five minutes of laughter, he begged us to keep all future communication in English!


Aaar, we had our first experiences with babelfish translation almost 4 years ago. We were searching for an apartment. There was an ad put up by Silke Starke about an apartment in Walldorf. So babelfish told us: "Apartment for rent in Barrier Village. Contact Silke the strong one".


I now understand that learning language is something you can never do in a classroom. My brother spent an year in Belgium as an youth exchange student and although he took French lessons before he left but those didn't help as much as the first three months in an non-english environment. He was soon fluent in French within four months; something which I found almost impossible to believe.


Oh very very nice. Figuring out a new language really opens your eyes...doesn't it? But er...you really do like German, don't you? ;)


And...the babelfish site sounds worthy enough of a blog!


lovely lovely post


nice post ! reminds me that it has been nearly 3 years since i completed 1st level french course @ alliance after the 1st level german @ Maxmuller and nothing remains of it except for the odd dig that people take around me when fragments of either of these languages are come across, asking me to explain & i stutter & mutter in my helplessness !
French was more fun though as the teacher was intent upon making it fun to talk in french in class & was more tolerant of sentences formed with mistakes !
In either case Parmanu - are you sure that the German in Lausanne actually spoke those words or did Wife pull a trick on you to get some more washing & cleaning done after u came back ? ;P


A very very nice post.i am really impressed by your quest to learn a new language....it is so true, that knowing one language, opens so many doors to a whole new world, a whole new perspective...


a nice,lovely post. I shall sleep on it and have a good night.

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