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You sure are giving enough reasons for Bush to stick around in Iraq but pray that the Islamics are not reading your blog...they just might another reason to step up their activities.


I expected this post to be a political commentary from your opening lines! You make interesting observations. :-) And do you save ticket stubs from all the plays you attend?


Saw the ad of a play here - pomp, duck and circumstance. Folks, any guess on the storyline?


Patrix: :-)))))

Leela: Politics is Patrix's domain; my interest is limited to observing its effects on people. A bit like your interest in cricket, actually :-) And yes, I do collect ticket stubs (Hope to have a section with the stubs, someday).

Aaar: No idea there. So you live in Berlin, do you?


Yes, i'm in berlin. My knowledge of german makes better sense now, doesn't it:-)


Went to the roadside theater link. seem to be supremely talented people...


Interesting one, Parmanu. Somehow, that side of things hadn't struck me. It's the same, I think, with formerly colonised nations. In Cal, where I come from, for instance, the older people of my parents' generation still haven't got over the fact that all the entertainment and nightlife provided by the Brits is unavailable.


Pomp, duck and circumstance... Hmm, let's see, sounds like a story of a Jewish boy who becomes a cricketer, and gets knighted by the Queen. How did I do? :-)


Parmanu, am FLOORED! You remember that post from long ago? Will look forward to the section on stubs. :-)

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