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I'm wondering, is it too late for me to swallow a compass? :-( Nice account and lovely pics of the Eiffel. That thumb looks eerily real and scary!


Lovely pictures. I loved the thumb sculpture..plans of going to the Louvre?

Getting lost in Paris reminds me of the time we got lost while entering Boston couple of years back...at 2am. and the Big Dig in full swing.


Crop balls look totally eccentric. Also the kind you could get off the car and roll around like unused tyres...
Waiting to see pix. In my computer this means half an hour at least!


Love the pix of Sacre Couer...simply coz most pix are the standard looking at Paris from Sacre Couer, instead of the other way round.
And the thumb is quite weird! And your lit up Eiffel Tower is fab! Could I get some photography lessons?


I LOVE the way you write. Thank you thank you thank you for blogging.


Love the pix too. Though I'm wondering... have a sculpture of a thumb by all means, but surely the nail can be a little cleaner?


LOVE the pictures


Welcome back parmanu !
That was one of the best write ups u have given in recent times !
And your humour - subtle as it is - when in bloom is quite something ! ;P [ swallowed a compass - too much ! hehheh ! did ye - "parmanu wife" ? ;P ]
[ and that retort - columbus would have reached India - Splendid ! ;P ]
About the pictures
1. Is the Lady with camera anybody from the travel party ? [ who could have maybe swallowed a BIG compass ? ;P hehhe ! ]
2. Is that a Big Toe ? [ instead of a thumb ? ]
3. And it would have greatly helped for Travellignoramuses like me if you put some comments for snaps as ye usually de !
All in all "simbly too good" ! ;P


About Caesar's Thumb : Intriguing figure, yes.  Anita, it is a man's thumb - that ought to explain the dirty nail, isn't it?

Rash, I'll have to ask Wife about the lessons. Many photos are hers (one of the Eiffels too) , but I'll still risk a comment about all photos in general: they are mostly a little above average, and to achieve this level we both use probability: take dozens and dozens of shots, and you'll get a couple that are above average ;-)

Loosemuse, the "Welcome Back" comment would be more appropriate for the Amsterdam write-up, isn't it? And Wife says she'll deal with you for the "Big compass" remark, so watch out!


Loosemuse, knowing both the parties involved only you could have understood that it was a "retort" ;)


Clearly not a metrosexual man then. Lovely that you travel and tell us all about it; good to have you back.

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