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Interesting idea. Put it to work :)


All the German I know is restricted to Achtung and Mein Kampf..good luck for your venture.


You are way better than me. The only sentence that i have learned after being here for almost an year is

das ist nicht mein hunde.
that is not my dog! (from one of the TV ads)

Pathetic is not the word...

Parmanu.. translation? talk about complexes...


Hi, came via Rash's this time. Like reading your blog but I have on-going issues with URLs and typing :(

I think translation's a brilliant idea. There's a lot that different cultures can glean off each other.
Also, second generation NRIs can be encouraged to know about their origins this way :) I see an appalling lack of knowledge amongst most of them.


Patrix and Aaar: Well, I aint much better; these days I use Google to translate.

Joyee: The bit about second generation NRI's learning from translated works is a novel point-of-view. And very valid. I've come across second generation Indians with a lot of curiosity about our culture (one I met recently learns Bharatanatyam) but language seems to be a barrier (she cannot read or write Malayalam). For someone like her the German version of "Legends of Khasak" (which exists, I'm pleasantly surprised) would be a nice starting point, surely.

I didn't get that part about "..on-going issues with URLs and typing ". Is there something I could do to help??


so who will certify this stuff? How are we supposed to trust you? And where is my buddy Loosemuse? I traslated a Chineese song once for my boss and even made it rhyme.


Sorry. To be fair, quite a few second-gen NRIs are indeed curious about their roots and your sort of work would be just the right step.

And ongoing issues were about me getting ur URL right from memory :))) Unless you are an expert in brain transplant or memory infusion or something!


Wish I could lend you my copy of the Granta book called Hidden Histories. It contains a story by someone who's a translator who's also ghostwritten a couple of books for someone else. I think you'd like it.

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