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New and improved. Now RSS-enabled.


Yesssssss!!! Print rules!
And shall open blog now and see if i can make it RSS-enabled.


Whatever RSS enabled means - I'm a tech twit, Parmanu. But yes I agree. Life without print would be HELL. I've got several out of print books as ebooks, but I can't stand to read them even as printouts. Stick with the IHT.


LOL..I agree with your mom's logic regards the uses of newspapers..I too missed the feel of crisp paper until I finally succumbed to the lure of an occassional USA today at the local Starbucks...


It works, Hekate! Thank you. Rash, you next.

Anita, looks like your book isn't going to be an e-book, is it?!

Patrix, I'll pass on the message to mom :-)

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