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oye parmanu, you are one true fan...to come up with such a neat poem. You make me smile, there is a child-like quality in you which is very endearing. I loved the movie, but didnt go home and read the book.


Amazing coincidence since i blogged about my new-found Potter fascination...and will read the book before seeing the movie


Wow, Parmanu, this is BRILLIANT! I luvvit.


Parmanu! We are birds of the same (phoenix?) feather. Read Azkaban again, finished it and now reading The Order...at leisurely pace, since the first time i was in a hurry to know who dropped dead.


alpha: "Child-like qualities" come into view when mother is around. Naturally, isn't it?!
patrix: Your new-found fascination will live long, I'm sure.
Anita: Yes, the movie was brilliant ;-)))
Rash: It was your write-up that made me go watch it immediately - thanks a ton!


I've yet to see the movie, but love anything Potty ;-) And that includes your cool verse!



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