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I never thought of chicken masala !!!!

I am also waiting to have all those delicious Kannada dishes :)


Good Luck Colors! If you need any tips, holler! I have been through this. I am the kind who'll let her do everything in the kitchen (it wasn't tough) and not even step inside to see what that huge THUD was all about. After she leaves, I get my hubby to order a new kitchen- china, table cloth, utensils and all.
And your mom called you Chinna????? As in small? Or someone with a huge chin..like Jay Leno?


Haha! Your wife and I need to bond. We both seem to be the 'pitying kind.' Emptying fridge of non veg contents sounds extremely familiar! In my case, it's repeated every month :)


I'm looking forward to hearing about the interactions.

pony tail

oh boy, this is soooo close to home


Moms and food go hand in hand, dont' they? LOL..i recently enjoyed my mom's cooking too but not as long as you will.


Aah! Mom's cooking. I wonder if I will ever have that again. :( Came here via Anitas blog, will certainly be back.


So some real good times ahead ?
Not u get to see ( & ofcourse record ) some interesting interactions between the eastern tradional Kannada brahmin mom & the western modern non-veg cooking wife - all the while making some nice lip smacking sounds after savouring off the remains of some tasty food from your fingertips !
Hmmm... like i always said the one thing that seems to push even the indo-pak fracas to position 2 - the Saas vs Bahu match... always interesting eh ? ;P
Parmanu - would you be titling your next blog "kyun khi sauce bhi kabhi tomater thi" ? ;P


Well, the comments clearly show that both my wife's plight and my love for mother's dishes are elements of life shared by many. Good to know!


Loosemuse !!!! I am not western .... or probably with respect to Bangalore, Trivandrum is west ;)


Hi! my first time here. nice blog you have going. will come back for more :)

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