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We love the pic and all the rhymes
We'll think of them in future times
And we'll add comments to up the score
But that don't mean you update no more!!!!!


Shouldn't it be

Lee Lee Lee Lee
La La La
Lee Lee Lee Lee
La La La


LOL @ Aar. Parmanu, is this some kinda record? rhyming comments?


Record? No yaar. Pure fun is what it represents!


Aaar-gh! ;-)

But hmm, you have a pint.


Ulp! 'POINT'

Gulp! In germany, mugs count instead of pints:-)


The above comment was mine...


A post that got sent
on A day that was spent
with foot steps intent
upon exploring the wooden scent

the ghosts of the which meant
that restless brains which rent
key strokes that lent
such rhyming content

that this one in wonderment
believes is surely godsent
to brighten up the present
that otherwise would be full of lament

yet there remains some puzzlement
over fagile silences reverberant
were these rhymes to be played, fully potent
what'd be the the poor woods' predicament ?


Mug or pint, it hardly matters,
When your sobriety’s in tatters.
Why, you could even use a teacup
Just remember to say, ‘Bottoms Up’!


Who can resist
Even a pint
When the invite has come
From Lee, la belle


Invite? Ok, bring your teacup and come to Bombay :-)

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