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Loved this para- We reached the airport, parked the car, took the elevator, walked towards the lounge - throughout experiencing a strange feeling of "we were here just a little while ago", a feeling that wasn't really deja vu, but a sense of being part of a movie that was controlled by someone else who was playing with us just as an editor plays around with parts of the film, replaying bits and re-arranging snippets - so we walked towards the departure lounge and found aunty walking towards an escalator.

Good one. And boy, you think too deep.


The way you think, organise your thoughts... You know, I can almost see you do that. Whether you're watching something or doing it, you're filing it away in your mind, sorting it out, picking out the morerelevant points. I love the way you do that.




that thing you talked about changing the direction and encountering different things, i think it is illustrated beautifully in Richard Bach's A bridge across forever or something like that. i vaguely remember what was in it, but he says something about maps, and how your life is an infinite map of possibilities, you take an exit and you reach somewhere, while you could have been somewhere else, but the moment is gone. i think (if i remember right) he does his usual plane thing and takes his wife on a flight over the map of their lives, showing her what could have been. it was a beautiful piece of illustration (if this isnt in the book, then all credit to my imagination).

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