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Parmanu, your wife sounds cool. How about getting here to write?


It sounds absolutely lovely. And Shalu is right, your wife sounds damn cool.


lucky lucky lucky people!!!!!!!


Hmm..The typo I made while entering my last comment gave me a sleepless night! It's supposed to read 'How about getting her to write?' Much better.

For those of you who are wondering..The answer is YES! I have nothing better to do right now.

RASH: My sentiments exactly!


About "getting her to write": I've tried several times, and I tried again today. "How about putting down your thoughts, dear?" Pat came the reply: "My thoughts are only for you, dear." I'll keep trying, and so must you.

About "getting here to write": I'd love to - just tell me where 'here' is, Shalu.

About being "lucky lucky people": In the past weeks, I felt you Delhi-people were the lucky ones, getting to be a part of theatre mania. How about swapping places, Rash? (The coffee machines here also offer Cappucino and Hot Chocolate.)


When the wife is busy making bindi curry for him, where is the time for the poor thing to write?


Hmm...well it isn't so bad here actually. except for the heat. And in my case, the coffee machine :)


'here' is good old Bangalore! ;)


Parmanu - u do realise shalu could also have meant getting "your 'wife' here to write" ? ;P
wonder what 'wife' feels about this salivating husband of hers [ as & when the bhindi curry gets over ! ;P ]
[ to wife : BTW does parmanu go around with a big wooden club over his shoulder around the house when looking for 'wife' ? ;P (people are allowed to imagine lots of grunts & a gravelly voice calling 'WIFEY')! hehhe ! ]

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