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It certainly looks beautiful :) unfortunately we didn't have that much snow to show.

Cool camera owner

Wanna exchange your camera with mine?


Patrix: We usually don't either, but this year has been very different. Changing weather patterns I guess...Is the "nature activist" listening? Is she planning to do something about it?

Nature-activist-with-cool-camera: What you need is a scanner, not a camera.


What the heck? I thot u use the Sony digital cam..unless you are scanning postcards again! Anyways, Atlanta doesnt compete with your place..In Atlanta, if people wear sweters, a holiday is declared. If they see snow, they build a museum to store the snow..but then, they dont know snow melts.
And yes! Capturing women in photos is equally degrading..but I am a nature activist and I dont waste my energy on those issues.

I also have too much time in my hands. My comment is longer than your post.


Whoa! someone seems to be a avowed Atlanta hater


Patrix..what kind of a name is that? Do you have ties in Atlanta?

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