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That explains your vocabulary!

But hey, I loved Tintin, whatever little I could read! My parents never bought me Astrix and Tintin (guess they were expensive)or I mixed with the wrong crowd. So I grew up being a target to many eyebrow risings "What?! You havent read Astrix?!!!"


see, i cudnt even spell Asterix!


My vocabulary? You haven't seen even a tenth of it!

Parents didn't buy you Tintin and Asterix during childhood? I'm sure you'd have covered that up by looking down upon other kids who did read them. I can almost see little alpha saying "Nah! They're for babies!" in her typically snobbish way.


By the way alpha, forget Asterix, you cannot even spell "couldn't" !!


couldn't in my slang is spelt cudnt..mr.smarty pants!


should read tintin all over again... the problem with tintin and me...i don't read comics...only look at them...anyway fascinating...very fascinating...does your wife read anything that u write?

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